My name is Paul Valach, I have a business degree from Arizona State and MBA from University of Phoenix. I spent 20 years teaching at the MCCD, as well as University of Phoenix for five years. I taught at Central Arizona College for two years. Subjects I taught included General business, Internet and HTML. Today I focus on Social Media and the Google Business Page which everyone, as we as every business should have, hey its FREE.

I hosted two radio shows, both tech related. I co-hosted a four year political TV show. During that run I interviewed several high profile folks like Governors, Senators and the Speaker of the House. I produced a TV show dedicated to the Phoenix Sister City program where I was the Chair of the Prague committee, my birthplace. My family escaped communism in 1965 when we immigrated to the US. 

It is from this I get my drive to make sure people succeed. I come from an educational family. My grandfather was head surgeon at a teaching hospital, my father a professor at Georgia Tech and San Jose State. From my mother’s side I get the helping, my grandfather was the head minister at well respected church in Prague.

Politically I have served in the past in at a variety of levels District Chair, Vice Chair, County Internet Chair and candidate for State Senate (45% of vote in 1996) to State Leg a few times in two districts.