In every election certain issues stand out more than others, and in some years legislation or in this case courts make issues pop up and focus is now on those. I have looked back over the past years and listed those that drew most attention over the past ten to twenty years. It is impossible to list the 1,000s of bills the Legislature has passed, or not passed, or not let me heard. It is why we end up with Propositions that we then pass, only to be told that we didn’t know what we were voting for/against. Nevermind the raiding of funds from some of these Propositions over the years. I pull three separately to their own page, others are on the list with my thoughts. Also Propositions and how I will vote on them

Should the food we buy at the grocery store be taxed? What other items should also not be taxed?

In my opinion the food you buy at the grocery story should NOT BE TAXED. Alcohol, tobacco and other non-food items (things you cannot) consume should be taxed. Other items that should not be taxed include diapers, baby formula, baby wipes and other child item needs.

What makes you qualified for the office you are seeking?

I have first hand experience with many of the tough events we have encountered over the past fifteen years. The down turn on the housing market when many of us owed more than our homes were worth and no banks only wanted to foreclose (they failed with me), loss of jobs or taking on jobs far away (50+ miles round trip) as opposed to 5 miles to EMC are two biggest. I have always found a way to end up working with people, or to find alternatives that end up solving the issue at hand. You learn quickly to not give up or give in to adversity. Keeping up the fight and finding strong partners in the process.

What are three Bills that I would sponsor or co-sponsor in the coming session?

Bill #1, It is unbelievable that in 2022 we are still talking about things that debated back in 1996 when I was on the ballot with President Bill Clinton. Domestic violence against women still had not been addressed, it needs to and it needs to be at the forefront.

Bill #2 And that we still have not funded education in a proper manner, looked at our schools and those that provide the teaching for our kids, the ones that are out future is also disgusting. The Charter system continue to want to steel the kids and the funding. In this matter only the poor families will be left and that does not work.

Bill #3, Growth in the Valley continues to explode. We see that especially in the West Valley. Areas along Thomas road by the 101, once crop rich are not filling with subdivisions, same goes for south of the 10 at Dysart and others. There needs to be assurance that water and power will not be interrupted for these new home owners in many cases. Also that local jobs are there.

Your thoughts on Health Care

Having a pre-existing condition I see costs going higher and higher. Fortunately exclusions and riders are no longer allowed. But the drug companies found new ways to line their pockets using prescription drug costs. There needs to be limits put on this, especially f our tax dollars are paying for it.

What are your thoughts on the political climate?

I have seen two Governors impeached, County AGs removed or resigned and numerous transgressions from public officials. Fingers point to one another. We have always played the game, but to this new level where you can’t even like someone, or hang with someone from the other side. The way old Legislature fought like cats and dogs during the day, and shared beverages at 6pm a the old Oxaca. All parties invited. And they took up the battle the next day. By the way no 2am sessions throughout the session. There are rotten eggs in both, they will be and are being exposed. BUT, there are also numerous members from both that want to serve, but are afraid of being punished or pimaried. We saw that. The voter ultimately needs to cast that vote, it means a R will get a D vote or a D vote gets one from the R. You can make up for it two years from, as we do this every two years at some level.